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International SMS

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International SMS

Bulk SMS Service as we all know, is the easiest and fastest medium to send SMS from PC to mobile phone at a single click to volume of mobile phone users in a minimal time. Bulk SMS service usage varies from organization to organization and person to person. Some of the organizations may use it for alerts or transactional purposes and others may use it for promotional purposes (marketing or informational). As the usage of the services varies, the cost as well as the service/quality of SMS differs.

You might be thinking how the quality matters for pushing a single SMS? It do matters if the SMS does not reach the client in time as intended; it shows the quality of service we avail. You may find various cheap SMS service providers in the market but you have to decide whom to opt for: menacing service but cheap prices or quality service at affordable prices. ITWORLDSMS.com provides the quality services along with reasonable prices. Here are few utilization and benefits of the same:

Alerts: This service is basically used by organizations (e.g. Banking & Insurance vertical )who provide alert services like share market updates, commodities alerts, account transaction alerts etc. Their requirement is to provide the information for their client with nearly no time lag. Some of the companies may also call it as Premium SMS services. This service helps provide alerts to a person irrespective of his non availability of receiving the SMS. Here you are not disturbing the person, yet delivering the important personal information (i.e. personal bank account updates) and whenever the person is interested, he/she can use the information. ITWORLDSMS.com provides the lightning fast routes for such services.
Marketing: Bulk SMS service has been proven to be the cheapest form of marketing till now. It has helped many companies reach their existing or prospective clients in time. With the use of SMS services millions of people can be contacted at a single point of time and you can convey or deliver the important information to them through their mobile phone devices.
Information: Some of the organizations such as educational institutions use the SMS services to send updates to students. These updates include class timings, change in examination schedule or any information that needs to be transferred. Although SMS method is not popularly used for transferring information till now. But it is at a stage when it can grow too many higher levels.

Bulk SMS Marketing

IT World Networks provide SMS Masking to across Networks in Pakistan , International Destination.

SMS marketing campaigns
SMS promotions
SMS competitions
SMS alert notifications
Personalized bulk text messages

Above mentioned points are some of the uses of bulk SMS services. Likewise, there are many more uses which come in the sub-categories of the above three, exploring the uses of bulk SMS services. Many companies provide these services but as aforementioned there is huge difference between cheap SMS and premium SMS service.
ITWORLDSMS has excelled in the field of SMS marketing. We provide solutions for both Promotional SMS as well as premium SMS to send group SMS worldwide. Whether you need to send 100 or 10 million SMS, our setup and SMS Gateway integration remains uncomplicated. With the help of our services you can reach people all over the world. Apart from our bulk SMS services, we also provide many more services like SMS short codes e.g. 56767 for Indian users. We also provide Long codes & virtual numbers that work worldwide.

Benefits of Bulk SMS
It’s timeless. Bulk SMS solution is a new media form which is novel and in fashion. It helps delivers the SMS instantly and reaches to millions of people. It has incomparable timeliness than browsing TV advertisement and voluminous newspaper advertising.
It’s flexible. The issues like time, area, quantity and content are not at all any hindrance, they are easily to control. You can send them in any occasion.
It’s targeted. The bulk SMS service is specifically targeted to the subscribers who have high volume of bulk SMS push. It is best suitable for one to one marketing to appeal consumers. The recipient can save the messages immediately, consult and send them to friends.
It has high return on investment. According to different subscribers (who use Bulk SMS services), they can deliver different information, in order to promote the business to the greatest extent.
It is low cost. Its cost is ten percent of the traditional media. It can help you to save large amount of advertising expenses.
ITWORLDSMS is one of the leading Bulk SMS service providers worldwide. Today’s business requirement demands clearer, faster and cheaper mode of communication. Our bulk SMS service meets the requirement in full. Visit our pricing sections for exciting bulk SMS plans.

ITWORLDSMS offer for Bulk SMS
ITWORLDSMS SMS Gateway and WAP Push Gateway have been developed by ITWORLDSMS' group of experienced software & R&D engineers. The gateway is SQL database* driven to offer a robust, secured, and open-platform powerhouse which can be easily integrated into any corporate environment via Web APIs (HTTP), OCX, SOAP, ODBC, SMTP and command-line interface. We support SMS transmission methods like SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer), HTTP, and all other open APIs (requires separate programming/scripting). You can configure your application to ITWORLDSMS gateway through various modes. Currently ITWORLDSMS SMS gateway supports: Online application. No software required. No Initial setup fees. Quality comes first:
Highest Accuracy
Instant delivery of messages
User friendly online interface
Unlimited Free Sender IDs.
99.9% service uptime. Load balancer for high loads. Redundant server for Business continuity.
Uninterrupted service experience.
Guaranteed SMS Delivery to all mobile networks across the world.
Dedicated SMS bandwidth for high volume users. (On Demand)
Multiple connectivity’s from various mobile operators across the world.
Highest level of security and confidentiality of client database.
Competitive prices- We provide highest quality SMS services at affordable prices. Get maximum ROI (Return-On-Investment).
TPS (Transaction per Second) model, for high volume customers.
TPS (Transaction per Second) on demand, as per your requirement model, for running some special campaigns.
Separate routes for promotional & alerts traffic.

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